Sue's Quilt

It is a layering of thoughts and ideas as well as of paper, fabric, glue, and paint.;

Artists are the first recyclers. I save scraps of paper, material, leaves, buttons; anything that frees me to experiment with and explore combinations of media and materials.

There are no rules.  I have hoards of papers with provocative surfaces and colors; I have drawers full of fabric and fabric scraps; I can work on whatever surface works for me; It is the seeking, gathering, organizing, tearing, altering, arranging, adhering, overpainting, and finishing that is so stimulating and fascinating.  

As I begin to build a collage surface , I surround myself with various kinds of collage materials; Stuff like torn-up old paintings, magazine pages, special papers, and stained washi and oriental papers; This selected accumulation will become a work of art.

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