My first introduction to pastels was through my art instructor, Richard McKinley.  I was hooked!

Pastels are little sticks of pure vibrant color.  The immediacy of its application, and its forgiving nature, make it a pleasure to paint with.  

I work with a variety of brands of pastels.  Some brands flow like butter, and others are gritty on the surface.  

I have worked on homemade grit board, but prefer to work on Wallis paper, even though there are many other brands and types of paper available.  It has a heavily sanded surface, and holds numerous layers of pastel.  I have it mounted on an archival board.    

It is easier to work with pastels in the studio because I have all of my pastels available.  

When I paint on location -- referred to as working in “plein air”, I carry a light pastel travel palette.  My travel palette includes a limited variety of pastels, consisting of harder pastels and buttery pastels.

If you are interested in working with pastels, I suggest you go to the Dakota Art Pastels website.  They have many brands of pastels, pastel papers, and travel palettes.  

I also suggest checking out Richard McKinley’s book/DVD:  Pastel Pointers. 
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