Art is an obsession, not a choice.  I can’t imagine anything better than being a painter.  My needs are small, just the usual necessities of life.  My studio is my world and is filled with all the tools I need to create art. 
            My artwork is self-expression – a part of me that I can share.  What I ultimately want to share with my viewers is simple:  I want them to see and feel what I felt when I looked at my subjects. 
            I work with different mediums.  I feel that my subjects and time dictate the medium I need to use.  I love the richness of oil paint, with its creamy texture; the intense colors of pastels; and the smell of hot melting beeswax – the way the wax moves when I am creating a piece of Encaustic art. 
            I am a full time artist with a love for travel.  My studio is located in Northern California .  I have been painting for 30 plus years, and I don’t see retirement in the picture.  After all, artists don’t retire – they just keep on painting. 
            My father taught me that life is to be appreciated – and what better way than to be an artist. 
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